2018 | 17 × 24 cm | 118 pages

Punk Graffiti Archives: Madrid documents the extremely obscure flechero graffiti scene that took over the streets of Madrid in the second half of the eighties, before the New York graffiti tradition became widespread among the local youth.


2018 | 17 × 24 cm | 166 pages

“Punk Graffiti Archives: The Netherlands”, covers the country’s punk-originated graffiti scene that thrived from 1977 to 1983, before the New York graffiti tradition became known among the local youth.

2017 | 10 × 15 cm | 184 pages

This unprecedented publication brings to light the most unknown and fascinating graffiti culture to have existed: the hobo graffiti from the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. It features excerpts from Jack London in which he recounts his experiences as a hobo and graffitist.

17 × 23 cm | 178 pages

The MOMO Maker studies in depth the widest and most complex project produced by American artist MOMO to date. It features contributions from Jordan Seiler, Luna Park and Ray Mock.

2012 | 15 × 21 cm | 52 pages

Deambular was the first solo exhibition in a Spanish museum by an artist whose career originated in the street art scene. This book, produced by a team who closely followed the artist for the whole of the production process, documents the project in depth.