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Understanding Street Art summer 2021

Understanding Street Art

Understanding Street Art is a four-week online course offering a detailed exploration of street art, from the humblest interventions to the large-scale murals. It studies its history in depth, dissects its inner workings as an art practice, and lays out an incisive critical analysis of its politics.

The course is designed and taught by Javier Abarca, one of the leading thinkers in the field, with 15 years of experience teaching these topics internationally at university level. The program features Q&A sessions with guest artists and other extras.

Guest artists:
Eltono (FR)

Lectures are freely streamable. The main scheduled events take 2 hours per week, and everything is recorded. You retain access to all content after the course ends.

This course offers the following content:

A detailed analysis of the diverse and interrelated practices of street art. From serial postering to site-specific interventions, from inconspicuous comments to invasive declarations, from furtive, human-scale artworks to institutional murals.

An in-depth look into the history of street art. Its revealingly close prefigurations of the 60’s and 70’s, the intense but short-lived hype of the 80’s, the lone visionary projects of the 90’s, and the blossoming and eventual co-optation of the practice in the 21st century.

A dissection of the hidden inner workings that make furtive street art unique as an art practice. With a focus on its contextual and temporal dimensions, its spatial strategies, and the relation of the artworks with the scale of the human body.

An examination of the evolving tastes and audiences of the street art scene. From cute and simple characters, to sentimental handcrafted portraits, to sophisticated abstractions and interventions. From catering to young, graffiti-influenced fans to attracting growingly adult and art-educated profiles.

An incisive critical analysis of the politics of street art, and of the paradoxical ways street and society intertwine. With a focus on practices such as artivism and ‘buff’ art, key issues such as appropriation and gentrification, and the problematic transition from the street to the gallery.

July 1–29, 2021

• Fully online
• 10 hours of streamable lectures
• 10 hours of seminars – Thursdays 6–8pm
• Guest artist: Eltono – July 5, 6–8pm
• Guest artist: MOMO – July 26, 6–8pm
• Watch parties – Fridays 6–7pm
• Thematic Telegram chats
• Permanent access to lectures and recordings

All hours GMT+1
Taught in English