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Eltono Escuela Urbanario july 2021

Eltono (FR)

Eltono was one of the earliest instigators of today’s street art, and has become a key figure for understanding the transition to murals and galleries. Through two decades of work he patiently built his own audience, and his contributions towards the maturation of the practice are difficult to overestimate.

In our meeting with Eltono we will look into his lesser-known foundational work, and learn about the concepts he works with today. Javier Abarca has had privileged access to Eltono’s processes since the late 90’s, and has worked with him as a curator in groundbreaking museum exhibitions.

Momo Urbanario School

Momo (US)

MOMO is probably the most underrated American street artist. Always years ahead of the scene, he is known as the key figure in the introduction of abstraction as a standard language.

In his abstract approaches of the mid-2000’s MOMO found that sweet spot between accessibility and depth of reading only the most relevant street art projects hit. Yet the work came too early and found scarce public.

Over the years, awareness and appreciation of his figure has consistently grown, and he has progressively focused on ever-more sophisticated studio and mural work.

In our meeting with MOMO we will look into his practice and discover surprising, unpublished work from two decades ago. Javier Abarca has worked with MOMO in books and exhibitions since 2010.

Entender el Graffiti

Nuestra formación avanzada

Entender el graffiti es una completa exploración histórica, teórica y crítica del graffiti contemporáneo. Investiga sus antecedentes en la historia, estudia su evolución, y analiza sus resortes ocultos. Profesor: Javier Abarca.

100% Online. Cinco semanas. Diez horas de clase. Diez horas de tutoría. Debate en vivo con invitado. Video-archivo de invitados. Watch parties. Grupo de discusión en Telegram.

Entender el graffiti:

Un análisis histórico, teórico y crítico

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