Make our content part of your program

If you work for an event or institution and want to broaden your educational offer with our unique content, you can commission a guest course.

As in the case of the courses at our website, our guest courses combine a series of video-lectures with an equal number of live seminars, each of them exploring one of the lectures.

Our program of over 20 lectures studies every relevant topic related to graffiti, street art and neighbouring fields. Contact us and we will select specific lectures from our program to design a course tailored to your calendar and interests.

You can commission a fully online course, or get the benefits from our presential course formula.

Presential courses

In our guest presential courses, each of our video-lectures is presented as a screening in an auditorium or screening room, and is scheduled as part of the events program of your event or institution.

Our lectures are carefully built, immersive visual narrations full of high-quality images, and work well in large formats.

Right after each lecture, the teacher joins the students for a Q&A and debate seminar via Zoom, with his image on the screen and his voice on the PA system.

A smartphone connected to the Zoom meeting is handed around the students when they speak. This allows the teacher to see the students and gets their interventions recorded.

Our presential courses combine the benefits of presential events with the direct imput of a highly specialised teacher, while avoiding travel costs.

Flexible timetable

Our lectures are approximately 2 hour long. With a coffe break and a 90 minute seminar, a whole session takes about 4 hours.

These 4-hour sessions can be scheduled daily or weekly, depending on the demands of your program.

Courses can be as short as one session only, depending on the topic covered. Five-session courses work best.

Let’s talk and find the best way to make our content part of your program.

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