“Tagging is the best. Murals? Bleh. Go get a graffiti coloring book or something.” Earsnot

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Punk graffiti: stencils and tags since 1977

The writing of slogans on walls, both freehand and with the help of stencils, has been part of punk culture since its inception. Influential bands such as Crass have made it a part of their identity. It is also common in punk culture to write bands’ names, or the name of the writer. This last custom gave way in several cities to graffiti scenes wholly independent from New York culture, all of which have now disappeared.

Pinto gratis

Based on an analytical approach to Eltono’s street work, this text puts forward a series of reflections about the different natures of graffiti and street art, about the way each of them relates to its context, and about the facets peculiar to the aesthetic experience of the viewer of these forms of art.

The situationists and the city

“The situationists and the city” reune textos de crítica urbanística sacados en su mayoría de las publicaciones letristas y situacionistas, aunque incluye también autores afines como Lefebvre o como Chombart de Lauwe, uno de los fetiches del colectivo situacionista.

Los graffiti (Getting up)

“Getting up” sigue siendo el más importante estudio sobre el graffiti del metro de Nueva York, y forma, junto con “Subway art” y “Style wars”, la base necesaria para cualquier acercamiento intelectual a esa cultura.


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Eltono: Deambular

October 2012 | 6 × 8" | 52 pages

“Deambular” has been the first solo exhibition in a Spanish museum by an artist whose career originated in the street art scene. Produced by a team who has closely followed the artist for the whole of the hectic production process, this monograph documents the project in depth. More than fifty unpublished photographies in fifty-two full-colour pages.

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Talk at Arco, Madrid

17/2/2014 | I will be at Arco this wednesday to talk about the work of Egs.

Call for papers in Lisbon

15/1/2014 | The call for papers is open for the conference Urban Creativity, next July in Lisbon. I am pleased to be part of its honour committee.

Roundtable in Palma

12/12/2013 | This saturday I’ll be in Palma for a roundtable about art in public space.

Urbanario theory sessions: free lecture series in Madrid

21/10/2013 | The complete contents of the class on graffiti and street art I teach at the Universidad Complutense, as a free-access lecture series at Tabacalera, Madrid. Nineteen lectures, every tuesday at 20:30. First session: tuesday 29 october.

Edition 2011/12: results published

1/10/2013 | A selection of results of the 2011/2012 course of the graffiti and street art class I teach at Aranjuez, is online.

Lecture in Burgos

27/05/2013 | On graffiti and street art: the madrilenian legacy of the eighties. Tuesday 11 June, Burgos.