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“Hip hop don’t start.” Tomcat


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Teaching urban intervention, learning to see the city anew

A look at the accumulated experience of six years of teaching site-specific intervention, a summary of the limits and potential of the practice, and of the different ways it can help enrich the personal perspectives on life of students of diverse profiles.

Graffiti or street art: Julio 204 and Daniel Buren in 1968

Although graffiti and street art are different games, with different practitioners and audiences, both are often perceived by the general public as parts of the same thing. This text looks at the earliest cases in both currents to investigate the aspects that define and separate them, and offers also a brief introduction to the illegal street work that founded the career of French artist Daniel Buren.

Keith Haring: memoria urbana

Este volumen, publicado con ocasión de la exposición del mismo nombre celebrada en 2005 en Madrid, está centrado en el trabajo de calle de Haring. Un fundamental y definitorio segmento de su producción que, paradójicamente, ha sido el menos estudiado en los abundantes monográficos sobre el artista.

Art in transit: subway drawings by Keith Haring

Este libro reproduce una amplia colección de fotografías de los dibujos de Keith Haring en los pasillos del metro de Nueva York. Después de un breve texto introductorio, el libro está repleto de las duras pero atractivas instantáneas con que Tseng Kwong Chi registraba regularmente el frenético trabajo del artista.


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Eltono: Deambular

October 2012 | 6 × 8" | 52 pages

“Deambular” has been the first solo exhibition in a Spanish museum by an artist whose career originated in the street art scene. Produced by a team who has closely followed the artist for the whole of the hectic production process, this monograph documents the project in depth. More than fifty unpublished photographies in fifty-two full-colour pages.

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Talk and workshop in Valencia

3/5/2016 | Next friday 20th I will run a guided tour through ignored parts of the city.

Cultures of graffiti: seminar in Fuerteventura

26/3/2016 | Ten hours of theory class about New York graffiti and other graffiti cultures. April 11 to 14th. Free entrance.

Graffiti as calligraphy: talk and workshop in Madrid

26/2/2016 | A theory and practice session about graffiti as calligraphy: history, tools, materials, uses, traditions.

Roundtable in Madrid

22/2/2016 | “High and low culture: do they take us to different places?”. Sunday February 28th. Free entrance.

Understanding graffiti: free seminar in Madrid

15/1/2016 | Nine hours of theory and debate. Free, at the Fine Arts Faculty UCM.

Roundtable in Madrid

20/11/2015 | This afternoon we will speak again about the differences between street art and murals.